Jacksonville, Alabama


 The Jacksonville PoDispatcherslice Communications Division is a full-service emergency communications center operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a frequent point of first contact, we are a vital link between citizens needing police service and the police officers responding to calls for service within the Jacksonville community. Dispatchers receive reports of crime, emergencies, and requests for information from the community. The purpose of the Communications Division is to collaborate with the community, the department, and other agencies to provide professional services that protect life and resolve problems. Citizens needing emergency police response may contact the Department 24 hours a day by dialing 911 or our direct line at 256-435-6448.

If you need to report something to the police but it does not require an emergency response and does not pose immediate threat to life, 256-435-6448 is the published telephone line.

Communications/Radio System –

In 1996

Tthe federal government under a program called C.S.E.P.P. (Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program) funded a brand new 800/700 trunked radio system which at the time covered both Calhoun & Talladega counties. To-date, there has been a number of updates to the system.

In Sept 2010

We went live with a fully functional C.A.D. (Computer Aided Dispatch) and “M.D.I.S.” (Mobile Data Information System) in the patrol vehicle system from Southern Software Inc. The system is working great! If you were listening to us on the scanner we are still there, but now half our calls are dispatched via the mobile computers in the vehicles. This makes for a very quiet radio system. We have also found that the number of calls we handle is almost three times as many due to the fact we are logging everything into CAD.

July 14, 2015

A first step for the current system that was designed for two counties will go live for the entire State of Alabama under a program called  “Alabama First Responder Wireless Commission – Executive Order 34” signer by Gov. Robert Bentley. The system will allow First Responders in the future to communicate from the Tennessee line to the Florida, from the Georgia line to the Mississippi line. The system will also allow First Responders to operate in other trunked radio system to a limited amount. Here is a PowerPoint (PDF) explanation on how it works.

PDFA.F.R.W.C. Presentation

Standby for Aug/Sept 2016

We are all looking forward to a new Public Safety Complex and a brand new Communication Center. More technology to come!

 The communication staff are;

1st Shift  – 7am to 3pm 2nd Shift – 3pm to 11pm 3rd Shift – 11pm to 7am
LPSCO – Susan Tidwell – Weekdays PSCO – Shana Maddox –  Weekdays PSCO -Cami Pridmore  – Weekdays
Weekend / Holidays(Handled by part time PSCO) Weekend / Holidays(Handled by part time PSCO) Weekend / Holidays(Handled by part time PSCO)

A couple of great videos of what is expected of a dispatcher